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There are some changes to the Regulations for the 2017 season. These changes are highlighted in Red 




The Cheshire Cup Competition Rules 

The Cheshire Cup and Shield Playing Regulations 2017

Cheshire County Knockout Cup & Shield Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures.


Some changes have been made for 2017. These changes are in RED  



2017 Cheshire Cup Competition Rules
Cheshire Cup & Shield Playing Regulations

Cheshire Club’ Cricket Committee



1.        The Competition is only open to clubs who are currently affiliated to the Cheshire Cricket Board and whose subscription for the current season has been paid by April 1st. Failure to comply with this date will result in the elimination of the club concerned from the Competition.

A deposit of £50 payable to 4CS post dated first of April 2017 returnable if fixtures fulfilled.



3.    No player shall play in the Cup/Shield Competition for more than one club in any season.

4.    If a player is required by Cheshire County Cricket Club to play either a 1st or an A XI match, or to travel to play in a match, on the day of a cup tie, then he is ineligible to play in the Cheshire Cup Competition.

5.    If a club has two or more players required by the County on the date of a match, then it shall be allowed to request a re-arrangement of the tie from the Competition Secretary. He shall liaise with the clubs concerned and direct when the match should take place. No tie may be decided by a game of less than 20 overs per side.

6.    All players must play Saturday league cricket on a regular basis for the club which they represent in the Competition or be a bona fide member of that club and not playing any Saturday cricket elsewhere.

7.    Any club which is found to have played an ineligible player will be disqualified from the Competition for the season, including the match in which the infringement occurred. A match for the purposes of this rule shall be deemed to have been played once the toss has taken place, notwithstanding that for whatever reason the match was not subsequently played to a conclusion on the day in question.

  8.    A club disqualified under Rule 8 above, shall not be entitled to any awards won in the previous rounds of the Competition.


9.      The club drawn at home is responsible for all match arrangements.



10.    The dates for each round will be specified in the draw circulated to clubs. If a club wishes to change the date of a match then the official club representative shall make a prompt application with full details to the Competition Secretary and shall notify the other club at the same time. Both clubs shall immediately provide the Competition Secretary with full details of their forthcoming fixtures in writing.

11.    The Competition Sub-Committee may also request a change of the specified date and upon being notified of such a request both clubs shall immediately provide the Competition Secretary with full details of their forthcoming fixtures in writing.

12.    If the Competition Sub-Committee allows a change of specified date then it shall decide the new specified date and also what procedure the clubs will adopt in the event of the game not being concluded in accordance with the playing regulations on that date.

13.    Any further requests to change the specified date will be treated in accordance with the same procedure as in Rules 10, 11 and 12, above.

14.    All applications to the Competition Sub-Committee shall be made to the Competition Secretary. The Sub-Committee shall have absolute discretion in making all its decisions and shall not be bound by precedent. The Competition Sub-Committee may delegate all or any of its powers to the Competition Secretary and all decisions made by the Competition Sub-Committee or the Competition Secretary on its behalf, shall be final and binding.

15.    Umpires will be provided for all matches by the Cheshire Umpires & Scorers Association in liaison with the Competition Secretary. Each club must pay the expenses of one umpire   (Season 2017 expenses £40)  in each game except in the final when their expenses will be paid by the Cheshire Clubs Cricket Committee Each club must provide a scorer for all matches.

16.    The results of all matches, even if not completed,  must be telephoned by the home side or emailed,  to the Competition Secretary by 8.30 pm on the day of the match. They shall also be responsible for ensuring that an official result card, reaches the Competition Secretary no later than the Thursday following the match. Failure to comply with either requirement will result in a fine of £10 for each offence. Any club refusing to settle its fines by September 30th, 2017, may be excluded from the Cheshire Cup and Shield competitions for the 2017 season.

17.    Failure of any club to fulfil a fixture without good reason, or sufficient notice, will render them liable for any costs incurred by their opponents and they may be excluded from the Cheshire Cup and Shield competitions

Clubs who cancel after mid-day of Saturday prior to the game being played will be responsible for the payment of teas to the home club and full payment to the umpires.

18.    Provided the club’s rules and ground tenure permits, the sponsor acting in conjunction with the Cheshire Clubs Cricket Committee shall be allowed to advertise on the ground on the occasion of any match in the Competition.

19.    The administration of the Competition shall be undertaken by the Competition Secretary who will be responsible to the Competition Sub-Committee.

20.    The Competition Sub-Committee shall be appointed by the Cheshire Clubs’ Cricket Committee and shall consist of the Competition Secretary and three other members of the Cheshire Clubs’ Cricket Committee.

21.    The Competition Secretary shall have the power to act on behalf of the Sub-Committee.

22.    A complaint that the Rules have been breached by any club or individual playing for a club may be made by the Competition Secretary, a member of the Cheshire Clubs’ Cricket Committee or by a club competing in the match from which the complaint arises.

23.    In the case of a complaint by a club, such a complaint must be made in writing within four days of the game and a copy of the letter must be given or sent to the other club concerned.

24.    The decisions of the Sub-Committee and its interpretation on all rules, regulations, disputes and other matters shall be final and binding.

25.    The Sub-Committee shall have the power to make and apply regulations to cover any matters not covered in these regulations.

26.       All clubs will be bound by the disciplinary regulations and procedures issued by the Cheshire Clubs’ Cricket Committee.



  1.  The Laws of Cricket will apply with the following exceptions:




  3.  Either captain can insist that both teams assemble at the venue for a ground inspection to be made prior to the commencement of a match.


  4. The length of an innings shall be 45 overs of six balls each. Matches shall start no later than 1.00 pm and must be completed by 7:30pm.


  5. No player may bowl more than 9 overs. If a bowler is unable to complete any over, the remaining balls shall be bowled by another bowler, such part of an over being counted as a full over so far as the replacement bowler’s over limit is concerned.


  6.  Fielding Restrictions - At the instant of delivery a minimum of four fieldsmen (plus the bowler and wicket-keeper) must be within an area bounded by two-semi circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call “No Ball”. The fielding circle should be marked by painted white “dots” at five yard intervals, each “dot” to be covered by a plastic or rubber (not metal) disc, measuring seven inches in diameter.


  7.  Wide balls - Umpires are instructed to apply a very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to this Law in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket or over the batsman’s head. The following criteria shall be adopted as a guide by the Umpires.

  Off side wide markings shall be painted between the popping crease and the bowling crease as follows.

The inner-edge of each line: 17 inches (43.2 cm) inside each return crease i.e. 35 inches (89 cm) on each side of the imaginary Centre-line.

If a ball passes outside the Off-side Wide-line or outside the line of the Leg-stump without touching the striker, the Bowlers end Umpire must call and signal Wide.



Fielding positions may be altered within restrictions.




  8.  British manufactured Grade A quality cricket balls must be used. Both clubs must use the same make of ball in the event of clubs playing in a different league the home team will provide both balls and the away team will pay for the ball at cost.

9.    Deleted



10.  If the commencement of play is delayed for any reason, the Umpires may, in liaison with the captains prior to the commencement, reduce the number of overs per innings from 45 to not less than 20. In this case the number of overs per bowler shall be proportionately reduced. Any delayed start two overs will be lost every 7 minutes.


11.  Deleted


12.  If the scores are level, the side which lost the least wickets shall be the winner. If still equal, the winner shall be the side with the highest scoring rate over the first 25 overs of its innings, or over the first 10 overs in a match restricted by virtue of Regulation 10.  If still equal, A SIX BALL BOWL OUT ONE BALL PER PLAYER IF SCORE IS STILL EQUAL USING THE SAME BOWLERS WILL CONTINUE IN ODER TILL THE WICKETS ARE BROKEN WILL BE THE WINNER


13. In the event of weather conditions curtailing play after the commencement, if the side batting second has received not less than 15 overs, the winner shall be the side with the highest overall scoring rate throughout the innings, provided that the side batting second bat for as long as conditions (as determined by the Laws of Cricket) permit. If equal, the scoring rate of the side batting second shall be calculated from the end of the penultimate over and so on.



Dates for the Cheshire cup 2017

First round will be played on Sunday the 21st May reserve date Sunday 28th May.

Round 2 will be June 25th reserve date 2nd July.

Quarter final 23rd July reserve date 30th July.

Semi final Sunday 20th August reserve date 27th August.

Final Sunday 4th September reserve date 11th September.

Cheshire shield draw 2017

First round will be played Sunday 4th June reserve date 11th June.

Round 2 to be played 18th June reserve date 25th June.

Round 3 will be played Sunday 9th July reserve date 16th July.

Semi final will be played Sunday 23rd July reserve date 30th July.

Cup final will be played 13th August reserve date 20th August.











Conduct and Behaviour

All disciplinary will be dealt with in line with the vivio Cheshire county league.  And UKFAST Cheshire cricket league who will form a committee.




At the instigation of the Cheshire Cricket Board it has been agreed to have one Disciplinary Committee responsible for all games in the Cheshire Pyramid,Cheshire Cup Competitions,Ladies Cricket and Junior Cricket.

Each league/cup competition will continue to operate its own Disciplinary system to deal with Level 1 & 2 offences under the ECB Code of conduct guidelines , but, if a player or club require a personal hearing this will be arranged through the Cheshire County Disciplinary under the chairmanship of Ian Greensmith.All Level 3 & 4 offences will be dealt with by this committee.

Members may be drawn from the leagues,Cheshire Youth cricket or Ladies Cricket as appropriate at the Chairmans discretion